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M. Zindulka, Sums of Hurwitz class numbers, CM modular forms, and primes of the form x^2+ny^2, arxiv
N. Daans, V. Kala, J. Krásenský, P. Yatsyna, Failures of integral Springer’s theorem, arxiv
N. Daans, P. Dittmann, Universally defining subrings in function fields, arxiv
V. Kala, S. H. Man, Sails for universal quadratic forms, arxiv
O. Chwiedziuk, M. Doležálek, E. Pěchoučková, Z. Pezlar, O. Prakash, G. Romeo, A. Růžičková, M. Zindulka, Representing rational integers by generalized quadratic forms over quadratic fields, arxiv
V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, Even better sums of squares over quintic and cyclotomic fields, arxiv
N. Daans, Linkage of Pfister forms over semi-global fields, arxiv
S. Gajović
, J. S. Müller, Computing p-adic heights on hyperelliptic curves, arxiv
M. Tinková
, Bounds on the Pythagoras number and indecomposables in biquadratic fields, arxiv
K. J. Becher, N. Daans, P. Dittmann, Uniform existential definitions of valuations in function fields in one variable, arxiv
D. Stern, M. Zindulka, Partitions in real quadratic fields, arxiv
M. Doležálek, M. Raška, E. Sgallová, E. N. Stucky, M. Zindulka, The six-vertex model with a non-standard boundary condition, arxiv
E. N. Stucky, M. Thiel, N. Williams, Strange expectations in affine Weyl groups, arxiv
N. Daans
, V. Kala, S. H. Man, Universal quadratic forms and Northcott property of infinite number fields, arxiv
J. Marchwicki, B. Żmija, Bounded ranges of cardinal functions
K. G. Hare, T. Vávra, Self-similar sets and self-similar measures in the p-adics, arxiv
S. H. Man, Distribution of parity differences in partitions into distinct parts, arxiv
D. Gil-Muñoz, A generalization of Kummer theory to Hopf-Galois extensions, arxiv
K. Bringmann, S. H. Man, L. Rolen, M. Storzer, Asymptotics of parity biases for partitions into distinct parts via Nahm sums, arxiv

V. Kala, E. Sgallová, M. Tinková, Arithmetic of cubic number fields: Jacobi-Perron, Pythagoras, and indecomposables, arxiv
T. Crespo, D. Gil-Muñoz, A. Rio, M. Vela, Double semidirect products and skew left braces of size np, arxiv
B. Żmija, Large gaps between values of several quadratic forms
V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, B. Żmija, Real quadratic fields with a universal form of given rank have density zero, arxiv
K. J. Becher,
N. Daans, D. Grimm, G. Manzano-Flores, M. Zaninelli, The Pythagoras number of a rational function field in two variables, arxiv
M. Bordignon
, D. R. Johnston, V. Starichkova, An explicit version of Chen’s theorem, arxiv

M. Bordignon, V. Starichkova, An explicit version of Chen’s theorem assuming the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis, arxiv

M. Melistas, An analogue of a conjecture of Rasmussen and Tamagawa for abelian varieties over function fields
M. Melistas, Reduction types of CM curves
D. Gil-Muñoz, M. Tinková, Additive structure of non-monogenic simplest cubic fields, arxiv
M. Bordignon, E. S. Lee, Explicit upper bounds for the number of primes simultaneously representable by any set of irreducible polynomials, arxiv
P. Miska, J. Tóth, B. Żmija, On distribution of subsequences of primes having prime indices with respect to the (R)-densness and convergence exponent, arxiv
J. Kerner, P. Yatsyna, On the spectral gap of the path graph in the limit of large volume, arxiv
D. Lachman, Distance formulas in Bruhat-Tits building of SL_d(Q_p), arxiv

To appear

D. Gil-Muñoz, M. Tinková, The lifting problem for universal quadratic forms over simplest cubic fields, Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. (to appear), journal
V. Kala, T. Kepka, M. Korbelář, Congruence-simple matrix semirings, Internat. J. Algebra Comput. (to appear), arxiv, journal
I. Araujo, B. Frederickson, R. A. Krueger, B. Lidický, T. B. McAllister, F. Pfender, S. Spiro, E. N. Stucky, Triangle percolation on the grid, Discrete Comput. Geom. (to appear), arxiv, journal
V. Kala, M. Melistas, Universal quadratic forms and Dedekind zeta functions, Int. J. Number Theory (to appear), arxiv, journal

G. Cherubini
, A. Fazzari, Hyperbolic angles from Heegner points, Michigan Math. J. (to appear), arxiv
G. Cherubini, P. Mercuri, Parity of 4-regular and 8-regular partition functions, Ramanujan J. (to appear), arxiv

V. Blomer, S. H. Man, Bounds for Kloosterman sums on GL(n), Math. Ann. (to appear), arxiv
B. Żmija, High order congruences for M-ary partitions, Period. Math. Hungar. (to appear)
S. H. Man, Fourier coefficients Sp(4) Eisenstein series, Acta Arith. (to appear)
S. Gajović, J. S. Müller, Linear quadratic Chabauty, Israel J. Math. (to appear), arxiv
G. Cherubini, P. Yatsyna, There are Salem numbers with trace −3 and every degree at least 34, Exp. Math. (to appear), arxiv
M. Melistas, Reduction and isogenies of elliptic curves, Acta Arith. (to appear)

Published 2024

A. Fazzari, A weighted one-level density of families of L-functions, Algebra Number Theory 18 (1) (2024), 87-132, arxiv, journal
N. Daans, Universally defining Z in Q with 10 quantifiers, J. Lond. Math. Soc. 109 (2) (2024), article e12864, 18 pp., arxiv
, journal
S. Gajović, Reverse engineered Diophantine equations, Expo. Math. 42 (2) (2024), article 125545, 11 pp., arxiv, journal
V. Kala, L. Šíma, On minimal semiring generating sets of finitely generated commutative parasemifields, Algebra Universalis 85 (2024), article 24, 19 pp., arxiv, journal
H. Řada, Š. Starosta, V. Kala, Periodicity of general multidimensional continued fractions using repetend matrix form, Expo. Math. 42 (2024), article 125571, 36 pp., arxiv, journal
M. Melistas, Torsion and twists of abelian varieties, Bull. Lond. Math. Soc. 56 (2) (2024), 589-601, arxiv, journal
S. H. Man, Minimal rank of universal lattices and number of indecomposable elements in real multiquadratic fields, Adv. Math. 447 (2024), article 109694, 38 pp., arxiv, journal
V. Kala, M. Zindulka, Partitions into powers of an algebraic number, Ramanujan J. 64 (2024), 537-551, arxiv, journal
B. Hudcová, J. Krásenský, Simulation limitations of affine cellular automata, Theoret. Comput. Sci. 1003 (2024), article 114606, 17 pp., arxiv, journal

Published 2023

K. Zemková, Composition of Bhargava’s cubes over number fields, Expo. Math. 41 (4) (2023), article 125515, 26 pp., arxiv, journal
B. Żmija
, Arithmetic properties of colored p-ary partitions, Acta Math. Hungar. 171 (1) (2023), 53-66, journal
M. Tinková
, On the Pythagoras number of the simplest cubic fields, Acta Arith. 208 (2023), 325-354, arxiv, journal

V. Kala
, P. Miska, On continued fraction partial coefficients of square roots of primes, J. Number Theory 253 (2023), 215-234,
arxiv, journal
G. Cherubini
, A. Fazzari, A. Granville, V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, Consecutive real quadratic fields with large class numbers, Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN (2023), 12052-12063, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, Universal quadratic forms and indecomposables in number fields: A survey, Commun. Math. 31 (2) (2023), 81-114, arxiv, journal
M. TinkováTrace and norm of indecomposable integers in cubic orders, Ramanujan J. 61 (2023), 1121-1144, arxiv, journal
J. Glivická, E. Sgallová, J. Šaroch, Controlling distribution of prime sequences in discretely ordered principal ideal subrings of Q[x], Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 151 (2023), 3281-3290, arxiv, journal

G. R. W. Greaves, J. Syatriadi,
P. Yatsyna, Equiangular lines in low dimensional Euclidean spaces: dimensions 17 and 18, Math Comp. 92 (2023), 1867-1903, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, M. Tinková, Universal quadratic forms, small norms and traces in families of number fields, Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN (2023), 7541-7577, arxiv, journal
R. Chen, Y. Kim, J. Lichtman, S. J. Miller, A. Shubina, S. Sweitzer, E. Waxman, E. Winsor, J. Yang, A refined conjecture for the variance of gaussian primes across sectors, Experiment. Math. 32 (1) (2023), 33-53, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, On Kitaoka’s conjecture and lifting problem for universal quadratic forms, Bull. Lond. Math. Soc. 55 (2023), 854-864, arxiv, journal
T. Crespo, D. Gil-Muñoz, A. Rio, M. Vela, Left braces of size 8p, J. Algebra 617 (2023), 317-339, arxiv
, journal
D. Gil-Muñoz, The ring of integers of Hopf-Galois degree p extensions of p-adic fields with dihedral normal closure, J. Number Theory 245 (2023), 65-118, arxiv, journal
M. Raška, Representing multiples of m in real quadratic fields as sums of squares, J. Number Theory 244 (2023), 24-41, arxiv, journal
M. Tinková, E. Waxman, M. Zindulka, Artin twin primes, J. Number Theory 245 (2023), 203-232, arxiv, journal
G. Cherubini, P. Yatsyna, Cyclic polytope of the simplest cubic fields, Discrete Comput Geom 69 (2023), 338-348, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, Number fields without universal quadratic forms of small rank exist in most degrees, Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 174 (2023), 225-231, arxiv, journal
J. Krásenský, P. Yatsyna, On quadratic Waring’s problem in totally real number fields, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 151 (2023), 1471-1485, arxiv, journal
T. Crespo, D. Gil-Muñoz, A. Rio, M. Vela, Inducing braces and Hopf Galois structures, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 227 (2023), article 107371, 16 pp., arxiv, journal

Published 2022

J. Krásenský, A cubic ring of integers with the smallest Pythagoras number, Arch. Math. (Basel) 118 (2022), 39-48, arxiv, journal
G. Cherubini, H. Wu, G. Zábrádi, On Kuznetsov-Bykovskii’s formula of counting prime geodesics, Math. Z. 300 (2022), 881-928, arxiv, journal
E. Pelantová, T. Vávra, On positional representations of integer vectors, Linear Algebra Appl. 633 (2022), 316-331, arxiv, journal
T. Hejda, V. Kala, Ternary quadratic forms representing a given arithmetic progression, J. Number Theory 234 (2022), 140-152, arxiv, journal
D. Gil-Muñoz, A. Rio, Hopf Galois module structure of quartic Galois extensions of Q, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 226 (9) (2022), article 107045, 31 pp., arxiv, journal
G. Cherubini, P. Yatsyna, Potential energy of totally positive algebraic integers, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 516 (2) (2022), article 126518, 18 pp., arxiv, journal
J. Krásenský, M. Raška, E. Sgallová, Pythagoras numbers of orders in biquadratic fields, Expo. Math. 40 (2022), 1181-1228, arxiv, journal
A. Fazzari, A survey on a weighted one-level density of families of L-functions, Rend. Semin. Mat. Univ. Politec. Torino 80 (1) (2022), 29-40, journal

Published 2021

M. Tinková, Arithmetics in number systems with cubic base, Publ. Math. Debrecen 99 (2021), 25-50, arxiv, journal
K. Zemková, Composition of binary quadratic forms over number fields, Math. Slovaca 71(6) (2021), 1339-1360, arxiv, journal
G. R.W. Greaves, J. Syatriadi, P. Yatsyna, Equiangular lines in low dimensional Euclidean spaces, Combinatorica 41 (2021), 839-872, arxiv, journal
B. Faye, L. Matthiesen, D. Schindler, M. Tinková, K. Zemková, Integers represented by ternary quadratic forms, WINE III, Springer International Publishing (2021), 207-231, book
V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, Lifting problem for universal quadratic forms, Adv. Math. 377 (2021), article 107497, 24 pp., arxiv, journal
E. Waxman, Lower Order Terms for the One Level Density of a Symplectic Family of Hecke L-Functions, J. Number Theory 221 (2021), 447-483, arxiv, journal
T. Vávra, Periodic representations in Salem bases, Israel J. Math. 242 (2021), 83-95, arxiv, journal

Published 2020

T. Hejda, V. Kala, Additive structure of totally positive quadratic integers, Manuscripta Math. 163 (2020), 263-278, arxiv, journal
M. Tinková, P. Voutier, Indecomposable integers in real quadratic fields, J. Number Theory 212 (2020), 458-482, arxiv, journal
J. Krásenský, M. Tinková, K. Zemková, There are no universal ternary quadratic forms over biquadratic fields, Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc. 63 (2020), 861-912, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, P. Yatsyna, Sums of squares in S-integers, New York J. Math. 26 (2020), 1145-1154, arxiv, journal

Published 2019

V. Kala, J. Svoboda, Universal quadratic forms over multiquadratic fields, Ramanujan J. 48 (2019), 151-157, arxiv, journal
V. Kala, T. Vávra, Periodic representations in algebraic bases, Monatsh. Math. 188 (2019), 109-119, arxiv, journal
M. Čech, D. Lachman, J. Svoboda, M. Tinková, K. Zemková, Universal quadratic forms and indecomposables over biquadratic fields, Math. Nachr. 292 (2019), 540-555, arxiv, journal

Published 2018

V. Blomer, V. Kala, On the rank of universal quadratic forms over real quadratic fields, Doc. Math. 23 (2018), 15-34, arxiv, journal
T. Hejda, W. Steiner, Beta-expansions of rational numbers in quadratic Pisot bases, Acta Arith. 183 (2018), 35-51, arxiv, journal
T. Hejda, Multiple tilings associated to d-Bonacci beta-expansions, Monatsh. Math. 187 (2018), 275-291, arxiv, journal
A. Dahl, V. Kala, Distribution of class numbers in continued fraction families of real quadratic fields, Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc. 61 (2018), 1193-1212, arxiv, journal

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