UFOCLAN (Universal quadratic forms and class numbers) is the number theory research group at Charles UniversityFaculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Algebra.

Team members

PhD students

We regularly have funding for hiring new postdocs and PhD students. Interested very strong candidates are welcome to email Vita with informal inquiries.


Gordon’s paper on large ranks of universal forms over almost all biquadratic fields got published by Adv. Math.

Four of us (Gordon, Pavlo, Stevan, Vita) are enjoying the 8th Rome Number Theory Symposium.

Martin Widmer has visited us in Prague, mainly for discussions about infinite extensions, Northcott property, and quadratic forms.

Gordon and Vita finished an exciting paper that establishes a new connection between sails, a key notion in the geometric theory of generalized continued fractions, and arithmetic of totally real number fields, specifically, universal quadratic forms and indecomposables.

Pavlo’s and Vita’s recent job call was won by Martin Čech, Subham Roy, and Robin Visser – they will join our team during the Summer.

In his Algebra class, Vita held an April Fools’ Day lecture with some fun costumes worn by him and students.

Mikulas won a 2-year student GAUK grant Additive structure of integral elements in number fields.

Dayoon Park, an expert in quadratic lattices and m-gonal forms, joined UFOCLAN as a new postdoc.


GAČR Junior Star project

from the Czech Science Foundation GAČR, 2021–2025
success rate 9%, total budget 1 000 000 USD

Primus grant

Statistical properties of totally real number fields
PI Pavlo Yatsyna 
postdocs (partly) supported: Nicolas Daans, Siu Hang “Gordon” Man
from Charles University, 2024–2027

Primus grant

Universal quadratic forms: geometry and analysis
from Charles University, 2020–2022

GAČR Junior grant 

Quadratic forms and numeration systems over number fields
from the Czech Science Foundation GAČR, 2017–2019
outcomes of the grant were evaluated by the grant agency as excellent (top 20%)

University research center UNCE

Our seminars

Number Theory Seminar
Algebra Colloquium
If you want to give a talk in either of these seminars, please let one of the organizers (eg Vita) know!
We have mailing lists for both seminars with weekly talk announcements – if you want to join them, please also let Vita know.

Team publications

See here.

Past team members

  • Matteo Bordignon (01/2022–01/2023)
    next job: postdoc at KTH Stockholm
  • Giacomo Cherubini (09/2020–10/2022)
    next job: permanent position at Sapienza University of Rome
  • Alessandro Fazzari (09–12/2021)
    next job: postdoc at American Institute of Mathematics
  • Daniel Gil Muñoz (08/2021–06/2023)
    next job: postdoc at University of Barcelona
  • Tomáš Hejda (01/2017–12/2019)
    next job: work for Overleaf
  • Mentzelos Melistas (01/2023–08/2023)
    next job: tenure track lecturer at University of Twente
  • Eric Nathan Stucky (08/2021–08/2022)
    next job: adjunct faculty member at Champlain College
  • Tomáš Vávra (01/2017–08/2020)
    next job: postdoc at University of Waterloo
  • Ezra Waxman (08/2018–07/2019)
    next job: postdoc at Dresden University with Minerva Fellowship
  • Pavlo Yatsyna (01/2020–07/2022)
    next job: postdoc at Aalto University
  • Błażej Żmija (10/2021–06/2023)
    next job: postdoc at Polish Academy of Sciences
Ph.D. students